US Congressman new Chamberlain?

Just read an opinion piece in LA Times by Howard L. Berman (D-Valley Village), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

He writes, “The de facto government claims that Zelaya was trying to subvert the Honduran Constitution and convert the country into a satellite of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. That may be.” and furthermore, “No matter what we think of Zelaya (and I don’t think highly of him) and his actions to change the Honduran Constitution, it is a fact that his mandate to govern was gained in a fully transparent election.”

Berman talks like he’s disconnected from reality. He admits that Zelaya was violating the Constitution, which would be the equivalent of High Crimes in USA, and still he argues he should stay in power.

The poor guy appears to have no idea what democracy is. Land is built with law. Enforcing the law is not optional.

No wonder Bush was not impeached or prosecuted in spite of blatant crimes, including war crimes.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that Honduras would be the country to defend democracy, and USA to be the gravedigger for it. Yet, that is what we are witnessing now. The Republicans and Democrats have now both gone utterly mad, albeit in different ways. The Republicans have got too big balls (which I presume is why they walk like cowboys), and the Democrats have got no balls at all.

The problem is not the regime change in Honduras. The problem is that countries such as USA treat presidents as if they were kings. King Barack wants to restore King Mel to power, and so do King Hugo and King Fidel.

I’ve got news for you guys over here in the young world: The old world has already tried that idea with kings, and guess what, it didn’t work out so well. Which is why we in Sweden introduced parliamentarism in 1748. Parliamentarism means the parliament elects the head of government. Funny thing, president Micheletti was elected by the parliament of Honduras, came to think of it.

America is such a young country that it has not yet had a single ruler turned dictator. Maybe that is the reason for the naïveté that Berman displays, and which makes him remarkably similar to Chamberlain with his “Peace in our times”. It’s pitiful, though.