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The new mission of this blog is to debate reforms aimed at increasing democracy under the rule of law in Honduras, and thus raise the standard of living for all in the country.

The idea is to provide a  respectful debate atmosphere, where all relevant arguments based on respect for the rule of law, human rights, and democracy, can be expressed. To avoid the distraction of irrelevant arguments, all blog entries are moderated.

Topics that can be covered are problem analyses, reform proposals, factual backgrounds, and debates. Comparisons and facts from outside Honduras, or experience from other countries, may also be relevant.


Ulf Erlingsson, PhD: Physical geographer, scientist, entrepreneur, environmentalist, consultant, inventor.


You who read this can submit texts for publication. You have to register to write comments, and request in a comment to be upgraded as a Contributor. You can write in Spanish. Sorry for the complication, but there is so much spam that some filter is required.

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