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Wikipedia knowingly slanders political prisoner

As I reported in July 2010, Italian Wikipedia contains libelous claims about Alejandro Peña Esclusa, who is a political prisoner in Hugo Chávez’ Venezuela, a country that from now is a Soviet-style communist dictatorship. Yet, as late as today Italian Wikipedia blocks every attempt to remove the slander, even though they have been given proof that it is a lie.

The lie in question is that Mr. Peña Esclusa would be a member of an organization called Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP). Without citing any source for this claim, Wikipedia goes on to present a number of very serious allegations against TFP (not against Mr. Peña Esclusa). By doing this in the same paragraph they leave the non-expert reader with the impression that all of these things are the acts of Mr. Peña Esclusa, and that there is proof for it all.

On numerous occasions this lie has been pointed out to Wikipedia, in no uncertain terms as is evidenced on the talk page. Yet, the only result is that the one pointing out this lie has been blocked, thereby silencing the criticism and the inconvenient truth. The pattern has been repeated over and over.

The last attempt to remove the slander was made on New Years Eve. The paragraph in question was deleted with a reference to an explanation in the discussion page, in the form of a referenced quote from Alejandro Peña Esclusa’s book in which he, himself, states that he has never been a member of TFP. However, the deletion was undone within 3 minutes by another user, without any explanation on the talk page.

The user deleting the page again deleted the libelous claim, and two minutes later the Wikipedia editor Vituzzu not only reinserted the paragraph without explanation, but also blocked the user from editing both the article, and also the discussion page. Vituzzu thereby ensured that the blocked user can’t complain, or request that Wikipedia explains why they are helping a communist dictatorship incarcerate an innocent man, by helping them to spread their lies. For them to spread big lies is an integral part of their strategy to prevent Europeans from understanding the true nature of the narco-terrorist states led by Cuba.

While Wikipedia will claim that they have no editors, the fact that Vituzzu has the power to block dissenting opinions from being heard makes him a “Wikipedia dictator”, and thus – in any reasonable interpretation of the word – an editor. It is irrelevant if and who pays him for the job he does in the service of the dictatorship. Wikipedia has given him the authority to act in their name by blocking other users, and consequently they are responsible for his acts.

Here are some screen shots that show what happened, saved just in case someone tries to destroy the evidence:

The most blatantly slanderous paragraph in this article is the one talking about TFP. That was the one deleted and re-inserted twice today.
The most blatantly slanderous paragraph in this article is the one talking about TFP. That was the one deleted and re-inserted twice today.
The quote from Alejandro Peña Esclusa's book was provided with a reference in the talk page, but ignored by Wikipedia's editor Vituzzu.
The quote from Alejandro Peña Esclusa's book was provided with a reference in the talk page, but ignored by Wikipedia's editor Vituzzu.
The change history shows that any change that removes the slander is revoked within minutes, and that it has been like that for months if not years.
The change history shows that any change that removes the slander is revoked within minutes, and that it has been like that for months if not years.
This is the message that met the user after the second "undo". He is blocked from all pages in Italian Wikipedia which means that he cannot even point out the problem on the discussion page, or on Vituzzu's user page.
This is the message that met the user after the second "undo". He is blocked from all pages in Italian Wikipedia which means that he cannot even point out the problem on the discussion page, or on Vituzzu's user page.

This muzzle method is brutal. It is worthy of a Fascist dictatorship, or, as in this case, a narco-Communist dictatorship. Who is Vituzzu? Where is he? He could be anywhere. He could sit in Caracas, Venezuela, or for that matter in Havana, Cuba, and do these things. (His page on Wikipedia claims he lives in New York, but the phone number he gives is fake, so one cannot assign any credibility to the claims either as to his name or his whereabouts.)

The problem this creates for law enforcement is self-evident. A political prisoner in country A (Venezuela) is hurt in country B (Italy) and as a consequence also in the rest of the world, by material on a server that may be in country C, edited by persons who may be in any country in the world. They could even be the staffers of Hugo Chávez’ own ministry of propaganda, a powerful organization that also counts with the international satellite-TV network TeleSur, and which deploys all the methods and lies that communists have refined since the early Soviet Union.

What responsibility does Wikipedia have? You can log in (click Further in bottom right) and leave comments.

Venezuelan Students Vow to Depose Chávez

This text was distributed on the internet this evening. It declares that a student organization with tens of thousands of members has been created in Venezuela, and that they do NOT recognize Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias as the legitimate president of Venezuela, vowing to remove him from office “at any cost”, through civil disobedience.

La Central Estudiantil Universitaria (CEU), recién creada y que agrupa adecenas de miles de estudiantes de las universidades del país, acaba de declarar a Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías como enemigo público número uno del país.

La CEU ha determinado que Chávez debe ser destituido de la Presidencia de la República por cualquier medio viable por haber entregado el país a los cubanos, traicionado la Constitución y pretender implantar una dictadura militar de extrema izquierda contra la voluntad popular.

La organización universitaria llama a cada ciudadano del país a la oportuna y justa desobedicencia civil en las calles hasta la renuncia o destronamiento del tirano para salvar la democracia en el país.

Añade que ya no tiene sentido desgastarse en pedir que retiren la habilitante ni el “paquetazo” de leyes cubanas que vienen detrás, pues el régimen no está dispuesto a considerarlo siquiera. Por ello insisten en que TODA LUCHA EN LAS CALLES DEBE ENFOCARSE EN EXIGIR LA RENUNCIA DEL DICTADOR PROCUBANO HUGO CHÁVEZ CUESTE LO QUE CUESTE.

Fuente: Sonia Camacho H

Le urge leer el blog “Milagros Socorro“, y especificamente “Siempre habrá una estrella“. Vale la pena.

Venezuelan ex-president dies on Christmas Day

Carlos Andrés Pérez was president of Venezuela 1974-79 and 1989-93. During the second presidency he survived two attempts at military coups d’état, the first led by Hugo Chávez, the very same person who was last elected president in Venezuela.

Carlos Andrés Pérez, 1922-2010, ex-president of Venezuela
Carlos Andrés Pérez, ex-president of Venezuela, 1922-2010

Pérez died by a heart attack in Miami at 14:30, December 25th, 2010. On this same day the anti-constitutional and anti-democratic laws recently signed by Chávez were published in the official newspaper and became the law of the land. Venezuelan democracy and Carlos Andrés Pérez died the same day.

His second presidency was ended by impeachment. He was removed from office for misappropriation of some $60k from a presidential discretionary fund, but he always maintained that the money was used appropriately to support the electoral process in Nicaragua. Here is his last speech to the country.

It is completely in character that the Chávez regime does not know how to behave civilized at a loss like this. His minister of popular propaganda, Andres Izarra (on twitter as @IzarraDeVerdad, with URL, tweeted: “MIAMI: where terrorists, the corrupt, drug dealers, dictators, paramilitaries, mercenaries die… from all of this suffering region” (MIAMI: donde mueren los terroristas, los corruptos, narcos, los dictadores, los paracos, los mercenarios… de toda esta sufrida región).

Minister of propaganda, Andres Izarra
Andres Izarra, Minister of Propaganda in Bolivarian Venezuela

The total lack of tact and dignity on the part of the person responsible for information in the Chávez government is surely not lost on the Venezuelans. Nor is the significance of the coincidence with the day Jesus was born. Christ was the expected saviour, he was and is the symbol of hope, when he every year is mythically born again.

Fransisco de Miranda declared Venezuela independent from Spain in 1811. His lemma was “Death to Tyranny and a Long Life for Liberty“. In the new year it will be 200 years since that declaration of independence. This reminds me of the bird Fenix, that was said to live for exactly 100 years, then lay an egg, and when the bird died the egg hatched and a new Fenix was born. So while democracy and liberty died today, tomorrow it may well be reborn. With peace and faith everything is possible; things aren’t always what they seem to be.

For three days Venezuela will be in morning. If it was me, I would dress in black, go out on the street, and hold a silent minute. Or two. Or three. Or maybe hours instead of minutes. I would welcome company, as long as all was silent and peaceful. But I would bring a cell phone so that I discretely could record any human rights violations that might occur, and post it on Twitter. That I would do tomorrow and the day after as well.

Pérez would always say that he wanted to be buried in Venezuela “after we regain democracy.” The word today was that he will be buried in Miami. The one who lives will see.

Media: DN (Swedish)

Violent repression in Venezuela

BREAKING NEWS 12:08 ET: The Venezuelan General Carlos Peñaloza Zambrano has today publicly called for uprising against the “dictatorship”. It is the same general who published this guest blog here yesterday.

Students demonstrating for academic freedom are repressed with military force in Venezuela, 2010-12-23. Courtesy @ucabistas
Students demonstrating for academic freedom are repressed with military force in Venezuela, 2010-12-23

Original text 11:40 ET: A peaceful student demonstration in Caracas, against a new university law passed this morning, is being repressed with water cannons, armored cars, and military. Several students are injured, one seriously. An AP photographer is also among the injured according to Globovision, a regime-critical TV channel.

Simultaneously reporters in western Venezuela, where the farmer’s rebellion started last week in protest to widespread confiscation of farms, report of a strong militarization of the area in Zulia state. A clash may be imminent between the military and farmers who are blocking the highways with their farm vehicles in protest to having had their land stolen.

Water cannon against peaceful university students, Caracas. Courtesy @AnyelitzYanez
Water cannon against peaceful university students, Caracas. Courtesy @AnyelitzYanez

The situation is very fluid, is can be followed on Twitter, the hashtag for todays action at the university is #SOSuniVE

2010-12-24: Here is a blog with video and images from the land confiscations in western Venezuela. In English. The situation has shifted several times since but it is still very dangerous.

La Resistencia en Venezuela te necesita

This is a guest blog from Venezuelan General Carlos Peñaloza Zambranon. First his text, followed by an accompanying letter, calling for support of the resistance against Chávez’ communist self-coup that is being implemented in a whirlwind the last few days of 2010.

NINGÚN pueblo está obligado a reconocer el poder ilegal de gobiernos que violan continuamente la Constitución o aceptan la tutela de sus invasores. Cuando los ciudadanos se sienten oprimidos por otras naciones y/o por sus propios gobiernos que violan su Constitución, tienen el derecho de agruparse para ejecutar coordinadamente acciones de resistencia civil.

Ese derecho a enfrentar proyectos tiránicos está plasmado en la Constitución venezolana en su Artículo 350, el cual establece: “El pueblo de Venezuela, fiel a su tradición republicana, a su lucha por la independencia, la paz, y la libertad, desconocerá cualquier régimen, legislación o autoridad que contraríe los valores, principios y garantías democráticos o menoscabe los derechos humanos”.

Los “intelectuales” chavistas han descubierto que no es aplicable ese Artículo 350 de la que ellos mismos llamaron “la mejor Constitución del mundo”. Según ellos el texto es confuso, indefinido e incongruente, y por tanto debe desconocerse. Se arrogan el derecho exclusivo de decidir qué es reconocible y qué es desconocible en la Carta Fundamental de la República. Lo desconocible es la posibilidad de que ellos sean desconocidos.

Estos seudo analistas olvidan que la idea nació de una mente narcisista. Fue su forma de validar histórica y moralmente su palurdo intento de golpe de Estado el 4 de febrero de 1992. No pensó que también sería aplicable contra él. En el momento en que le entusiasmó ese Artículo 350, él se creía invulnerable. Ahora su monstruo de Frankestein está despertando.

El espíritu y propósito del 350 son evidentes y no admiten torcidas interpretaciones. El pueblo tiene derecho a rechazar cualquier intento de asfixiar su *** La Constitución es terminante. Exhortar a la movilización civil en rechazo a cuanto dañe las libertades democráticas y los derechos humanos, como en efecto los daña la Ley Habilitante, libertad y sus derechos. Más que una posibilidad es una exhortación. Si Fidel trata de imponernos su proyecto lo enfrentaremos. La resistencia civil no implica necesariamente el uso de la violencia, pero no lo descarta como respuesta a agresiones y violaciones de la Constitución. Tampoco es un intento de sabotear los esfuerzos de los políticos de oposición, reducidos a enfrentar al déspota utilizando reglas democráticas despreciadas por el régimen. La MUD está combatiendo según el equivalente político de las reglas del Marqués de Queensberry, mientras el Gobierno aplica la Ley de la Selva. La MUD no puede hacer otra cosa. Le corresponde establecer un principio de legalidad. Pero la resistencia es algo distinto. Tiene sus propias regulaciones.

La MUD cumple un rol importante. Su rol, que no es fácil. La resistencia no la desplaza como representación institucional. Tampoco le resta autoridad. Más bien la fortalece y la defiende. No hay una conexión directa entre la MUD y La Resistencia. Pero de hecho son coadyuvantes. Están imbricadas y se puede trabajar en ambas. Deben moverse armónicamente hacia el mismo objetivo aplicando cada una sus propias fortalezas y habilidades. La MUD es el brazo político en procura de un triunfo electoral y La Resistencia Civil es la reacción legítima de la sociedad para defender su dignidad ante el atropello de la fuerza ilegítimamente utilizada, con violación de la Constitución y los derechos humanos. A la MUD no le queda sino echar adelante a través de obstáculos ilegales opuestos por el régimen. La Resistencia reacciona activamente contra esa ilegalidad. Los partidos políticos aliados en la MUD realizan un trabajo duro y encomiable, manteniendo viva la esperanza de una solución pacifica, que es la más deseable, la que todos quisiéramos. El problema estriba en que el Gobierno pretende permitirle actuar sólo “si se porta bien”, entendiendo por buen comportamiento la renuncia a los derechos que la Constitución le autoriza para alcanzar su objetivo legítimo.

Para el hegemón cubano y su mandadero local, buena conducta es, por ejemplo, ignorar que en la Constitución hay un Artículo 350, cuya mención intentarán criminalizar. Las limitaciones naturales intrínsecas de la MUD hacen imprescindible el desarrollo de una Resistencia Civil basada en la letra constitucional, independiente de la MUD pero solidaria con ella en el objetivo de democracia y libertad.

Este enfoque del problema venezolano queda suficientemente validado a la luz de la Ley Habilitante aprobada el luctuoso 17 de diciembre. La sociedad traicionada tiene derecho a organizarse para una lucha cuyas condiciones correspondan a los métodos empleados por quienes, ignorando la voluntad popular expresada con reiteración y claridad, intentan imponernos una tiranía como la que rige en Cuba.

Apreciado(a) amigo(a).

Le envío en archivo anexo mi ultímo artículo sobre la Resistencia Civil, publicado en El Nuevo País del día de hoy, 22 de diciembre de 2010. Allí expongo ídeas sobre los roles complementarios y no contradictorios de la MUD y de la Resistencia Civil y Democrática.

Adicionalmente a lo expresado en dicho artículo quiero resaltar lo siguiente:

Para la oposición el espíritu y propósito del 350 son evidentes y no admiten torcidas interpretaciones cubanas. Si el tirano Fidel sigue tratando de imponernos su proyecto comunista la resistencia civil es la vía para enfrentarlo.

Dada la naturaleza de las actividades, aparte de los voceros oficiales, los líderes de la resistencia no serán conocidos públicamente hasta después que se asegure el cumplimiento de la carta magna. La resistencia estará en el corazón de los venezolanos pero sus líderes trataran de ser incorpóreos para el G2 cubano. La resistencia será invisible, pero estará en todas partes. Necesitamos su ayuda.

En la actualidad la resistencia civil esta atomizada en múltiples grupos cada uno con su propio comando, organización y objetivos. Debido a esto, y pese al esfuerzo realizado, estas estructuras carecen de capacidades, fuerza y unidad de criterio requeridas por el momento histórico. Muchas están encabezadas por devotos patriotas dirigentes de base que con mínimos recursos han logrado crear organizaciones con las uñas. Estos esfuerzos son loables, pero debido a su dispersión no alcanzan la fuerza necesaria por carecer de recursos y organización indispensables para plantearse como retadores serios ante el monstruo totalitario.

Estos esfuerzos difuminados deben agruparse en una Confederación que los convierta en un puño de hierro capaz de responder debidamente a los abusos del déspota. En esta coalición cada grupo mantendrá su estructura y liderazgo y podrán continuar con sus actividades regulares. La Confederación además presupone que se buscará objetivos comunes y se trabajará en forma sincronizada, ejecutando las acciones convenidas. Como mínimo, estas organizaciones existentes actuarán como cajas de resonancia de la resistencia, continuarán siendo una fuerza local con autonomía en sus aéreas de influencia, pero con acuerdos y fines de acción común. La idea no es desplazar al liderazgo local que se ha desarrollado, sino integrarlo a una fuerza coherente de alcance nacional, bien apertrechada. El propósito es fortalecer la resistencia civil con las herramientas, mecanismos e infraestructura necesarias.

A los líderes de organizaciones de resistencia comuníquense con nosotros a través de esta dirección de correo, como un aproximación inicial para la profundización y desarrollo de este tema.

Gen Carlos Peñaloza Zambrano

Uprising Spreads in Venezuela

Here I will report new developments in Venezuela as I hear about them. If not stated, times are in Eastern Time (GMT -5; Venezuela is GMT -4.5). Read the earlier blog posts for the background.

Riots in Caracas earlier today.
Riots in Caracas Monday December 20, 2010.

18:00 ET: The calm has returned to Caracas, after the riots on the Nueva Granada Avenue earlier today (photos above, below). From the farm El Peonio, it was reported 18:45 local time that the militaries were leaving.

At 17:35 ET, tweets speak of a helicopter overflying the finca El Peonio, and the gendarmes trying to enter wherever they can. This means that the Venezuelan government broke their own word in an agreement entered into at 09:00 today, see below. As general Angel Vivas wrote, one cannot negotiate with those people because they don’t have any principles, no honor, no values.

Riot police have just been sent out in Caracas.
Riot police have just been sent out in Caracas.

14:45 ET: Students have taken to the streets in Venezuela’s capital Caracas, according to tweets. Chavez responds to the opposition with words of civil war: “rifle against rifle” (fusil contra fusil).

Farmers' meeting in Santa Barbara, Zulia, Venezuela (Asamblea de ganaderos de Santa Barbara), 2010-12-20
Farmers' meeting in Santa Barbara, Zulia, Venezuela (Asamblea de ganaderos de Santa Barbara), 2010-12-20

13:30 ET: Live video from an ongoing meeting of the farmers. The farmers demand that all confiscated farms are returned to their rightful owners. They also denounce that the resources that are now used to confiscate the properties, including many helicopters, should have been used to save people from the recent inundations, but they weren’t.

12:00 ET: The newly created Zulian Front for the Defense of the Constitution (Frente Zuliano en Defensa de la Constitucion) has held a press conference. They say that the confiscation of the 47 farms has nothing to do with food production, but is only a way to undermine the social fabric in the state of Zulia, the social network of farmers that can be a counter-force. This, in my opinion, is precisely the reason why Stalin killed the farmers of Ukraine, which provoked the infamous starvation in 1933.

09:00 ET: The deal is, according to Globovision, that starting at 10:00 local time, the agricultural institute INTI will start to inspect that the farm is producing. The reason given by Chavez for the confiscation (what he erroneously calls “expropriation”) was that the farms were not in production.

08:30 ET: New twitter handle to look for, #mollejero, a local word in Venezuela, originating from Zulia and the “guajiros”, that means both ‘fight’ and some complicated mess. Pretty appropriate for this day, with military confiscation attempts of a huge dairy farm at 6 o’clock, with farmers meeting to plan actions at 8 o’clock, with an announcement of a front for democracy in the state capital of Maracaibo at 11 o’clock, and is if that is not enough, new heavy rains that have again made several bridges impassable. Un verdadero mollejero.

Globovicion, the last surviving regime-critical TV channel in Venezuela, has been in the farm since early in the morning. General Estrada and a colonel entered the farm to speak with the owner, Jesus “Chucho” Melean. Reportedly they negotiated that the military is shown around to see that it is in production. Personally, I see this as a way for the military to scout out the area to plan for actions. As general Angel Vivas wrote, one should not negotiate with communists; chances are production is not the real reason for the confiscation.

At 06:22 local time they called from the farm that army had arrived, and shortly after the following tweet came from congressman Juan Romero, “JuanBRomero”: “Inicia la toma de la finca 2 El Peonio de Chcho Hernandez en #surdellago, 20 vehiculos oficiales intentan con personal armado ingresar” (The overtaking of the finca 2 El Peonio of Chcho Hernandez in #surdellago starts, 20 official vehicles with armed personnel try to enter)

Entries 2010-12-19:

On the way to the standoff, evening of 2010-12-19
On the way to the standoff, evening of 2010-12-19

22:40 General Angel Vivas tweets that the operation will start within hours, and that they have already set up roadblocks to prevent help or media from arriving to the finca.

At 22.20 the farm called for URGENT help and for media. Media tried to get there but were blocked. Critical events unfolding but little or no information is getting out. (Source TiaPanaYo)

Around 22:10 ET, more vehicles arrived and continued directly, tweeted TiaPanaYo. The photo above was taken of one of them.

Image taken Sur del Lago, 2010:12:19 13:50 local time.
Photo of anti-riot vehicle taken in Sur del Lago, 2010-12-19 13:50 local time.

Around 20:30, @TiaPanaYo tweeted “Me acaban de informar que 2 Jeeps mas 1 tanqueta estan llegando. Pero si van a El Peonio, deben pasar a 100 mts de mi casa. Saliendo!” (I was just informed that 2 jeeps and one armored personnel vehicle are arriving. But if they are going to El Peonio, they have to pass within 100 m from my house. They are leaving!” A few minutes later, General Angel Vivas (who has sought direct message contact with TiaPanaYo, I assume since she is on location and he cannot get there with his knowledge from Caracas) tweeted, “Recomiendo a los ciudadanos no se emocionen demasiado, todavía,… recuerden que el comunismo es mentiroso,cobarde y traidor ¡TRIUNFAREMOS!” (I recommend the citizens to not get too emotional yet… remember that communism is lying, coward, and treasonous. WE WILL WIN!)

At 18:15 or so, the following was tweeted by Jose Meza: “El frente Zulianos por la Constitución presentará mañana un documento a las 11:00 am en el Colegio de Abogados de Maracaibo”, i.e., “The Zulian Front for the Constitution will present a document tomorrow at 11:00 AM in the Colegio de Abogados in Maracaibo [lawyer’s association]”.

Around 18:00 ET the following tweets were sent by “@josegremeza Jose Meza”: “En El Peonío no hubo tiros ni palos. Sí, toque de tambores. Representantes del Inti o de la GN no han vuelto (vía @TiaPanaYo)”, “Más de 100 personas de diferentes ámbitos se reunieron en Maracaibo para crear un frente de defensa de la Constitución”, “En Maracaibo mañana a las 11:00 am se presentará oficialmente el frente de defensa de la Constitución #surdellago #Mollejero”. In translation, “In the Peonío there were neither shots nor sticks. Yes, drums playing. Representatives of INTI [the agricultural department] or of the National Gendarmes have not returned”, “More than 100 persons from different walks of life got together in Maracaibo to create a front for the defense of the Constitution”, and “In Maracaibo at 11 AM tomorrow the front for the defense of the Constitution will be officially presented.”

At 15:12 ET this tweet reply was written by “@AngieRod Angie Rodríguez” to the question what is going on in #surdellago: “@marialuisarios hay presencia militar y concentraciones pero ningún enfrentamiento” (“there is a military presence and gatherings [of people] but no clashes”).

This blog post by Daniel at 15:00 explains, or at least highlights, why you don’t find anything about this ongoing crisis if you Google news from Venezuela.

Tweet from josegremeza Jose Meza ca 14:03 ET: “Mañana asamblea de productores agropecuarios a las 8:00 am en Santa Bárbara para determinar acciones” (“Tomorrow meeting of farmers at 8 AM in Santa Barbara to decide on actions.”)

Tweet from josegremeza Jose Meza ca 14:00 ET: “En Maracaibo se reúnen a esta hora representantes de diversos sectores para crear un frente de defensa democrático” (“In Maracaibo representatives of diverse sectors are gathering at this time to create a democratic front of defense”).

Tweet from General Angel Vivas at 13:00 ca: “Solicito apoyo aéreo para trasladarme al sur del lago y unirme a quienes defienden la comida de Venezuela. Por tierra no me dejarían pasar.” In translation: “I am asking for help with air transport to south of the lake to join those who defend the food of Venezuela. They will not allow me to pass by land.”

Flyers are distributed today distributed calling for a general meeting Monday at 10:30 (10:00 ET) in Huasipungo.

Media Links: DN (Swedish)

General Angel Vivas statement

General Angel Vivas is using Twitter to request help with air transportation from Caracas to the area south of the lake where the reclaiming of democracy in Venezuela has started. The following was just posted (my translation):

General Angel Vivas, Venezuela
General Angel Vivas, Venezuela

I am requesting air transportation assistance to move me and my campaign team to unite with, as soon as possible, to those in the regions south of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, who are defending the universal and constitutional human right to private property, and the food supply to all Venezualans; to those who defend the Constitution, the sovereignty, the independence, the democracy, and the liberty of all Venezuelans. I wish to join as soon as possible those Venezuelans and foreigners as well, who work for the greatness of Venezuela, and I wish to share their destiny, as long as they are determined to defend, WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF NEGOTIATION AND UNTIL THE ULTIMATE CONSEQUENCES, the guarantees that are given them the Republic founded in 1811, as it was perceived and founded by Fransisco de Miranda, Simon Bolivar, and our Liberators, but which is being destroyed by a group of traitors to the Fatherland who fulfill faithfully the instructions that emanates from Havana by Fidel Castro and the old murderous dictators who control power on cuba, whose main ambition for the moment is the total control of the immense economic resources of out Fatherland in order to project their their terrorist acts in all of the world and continue to attack democratic governments who are respectful of the laws, destroying their democracies, in order to sow the communist gloom and horror, while strengthening the international crime and terrorism. I find myself in the need to solicit help with air transport since by land I possibly cannot arrive in time or the forces that serve Fidel Castro may not allow me, since I am a man poorly seen by the Cubans and the traitors who are handing over our Fatherland to them. We must fight and win over the Cuban invader and the traitors against the Fatherland who serve their interests here in Venezuela. With invaders and traitors one should NEVER negotiate.

General Ángel Vivas

Here is the Spanish original:

Solicito apoyo aéreo para trasladarme con mi equipo de campaña, a unirme, lo más pronto posible, a quienes en la región del sur del lago de Maracaibo, Venezuela, defienden el derecho humano universal y constitucional de la propiedad privada, y la comida de todos los venezolanos; a quienes defienden la Constitución, la soberanía, la independencia, la democracia y la libertad de todos los Venezolanos. Deseo unirme lo más pronto posible a todos aquellos venezolanos y extranjeros de bien, que trabajan por la grandeza de Venezuela, y deseo correr la misma suerte que corran ellos, siempre y cuando estén resueltos a defender SIN NEGOCIACIÓN DE NINGÚN TIPO Y HASTA SUS ÚLTIMAS CONSECUENCIAS, las garantías que le dan la República fundada en 1811, tal y como fue pensada y fundada por Francisco de Miranda, Simón Bolívar y nuestros Libertadores, la cual esta siendo destruida por un grupo de traidores a la PATRIA que cumplen fielmente las instrucciones emanadas desde La Habana por Fidel Castro y el grupo gerontocrático de asesinos que controla el poder en cuba, cuya mayor ambición actual es controlar totalmente los inmensos recursos económicos de nuestra PATRIA para poder proyectar sus acciones terroristas en todo el mundo y continuar atacando gobiernos democráticos y respetuosos de las leyes, destruyendo sus democracias, para sembrar las tinieblas y el horror comunista fortaleciendo el crimen y el terrorismo mundial. Me veo en la necesidad de solicitar apoyo aéreo para el traslado pues tal vez por tierra no pueda llegar a tiempo o las fuerzas que sirven a Fidel Castro no me lo permitan, ya que soy un hombre muy marcado por los invasores cubanos y los traidores que le están entregando nuestra PATRIA. Hay que luchar y triunfar en contra el invasor cubano y los traidores a la PATRIA que sirven a sus intereses aquí en Venezuela. Con invasores y traidores JAMÁS se debe negociar.

If you are interested in knowing more about the general, and speak Spanish, visit his blog and read a comment by a Honduran soldier who served under him when clearing mines in southern Honduras, a work for which the general was decorated by the country of catrachos (scroll down to find it).

Budkaveln går i Venezuela

Man vet aldrig när Historien börjar. Kanske den börjar i det område som i Venezuela kallas Sur del Lago, söder om sjön (Maracaibosjön), och kanske tidpunkten är just nu. Idag på morgonen lokal tid bestämdes sig invånarna i Santa Barbara för att gå ut i civil olydnad. Bakgrunden är den breda attack mot demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter som president Hugo Chávez påbörjade i förra veckan. Droppen som fick bägaren att rinna över var konfiskationen av tjogtals mjölkgårdar i det nämnda området igår. Endast en stod emot, då de hundratals anställda kastade ut militären och polisen.

Flyer distributed in Sur del Lago, Venezuela, 2010-12-19
Flygblad som distribueras i området kallat Sur del Lago, Venezuela, idag 2010-12-19

Flygbladet säger bland annat: “…vi får inte tillåta att åratals arbete och uppoffringar under generationer förstörs…” och slutar med uppmaning till “allmän kamp” för att för att försvara framtiden för “Sur del Lago”.

Bakgrunden är att Chávez politiska allians förlorade parlamentsvalen nyligen, och den 5 januari tillträder det nya parlamentet. I samband med en svår översvämning som just passerat tog Chávez chansen att låta det utgående parlamentet ge honom 18 månaders rätt att styra med dekret, för att därigenom göra parlamentet maktlöst. Samtidigt togs översvämningen som ursäkt för att konfiskera stora landområden.

Alltså, istället för att hjälpa de drabbade bönderna konfiskerar Chávez deras mark för att de “inte brukar den”. Bönderna svarar att de brukade marken fram till översvämningen, och ber om hjälp istället för att bli utkastade av militärer från sina gårdar.

Tidigare konfiskerade gårdar har i stor utsträckning förfallit och ligger nu i träda. Det handlar ofta om jord som är olämplig för jordbruk, och som därför använts för boskapsuppfödning och och mjölkproduktion. På de igår konfiskerade egendomarna finns tusentals mjölkkor, vilka – om mönstret fortsätter – till stor del säkert kommer att slaktas och gå ur produktion.

Hur var det skämtet gick? “Kommunism: Du har två kor. Staten tar bägge, slaktar den ena, mjölkar den andra, och häller bort mjölken.” Månne Chávez trott att det är så det skall gå till? Månne han har uppfattat Stalins folkmord på bönder i Ukraina som ett revolutionens framsteg? Har han inte hört om de miljontals människor som svalt ihjäl, eller bryr han sig inte om hans landsmän svälter?

Media: DN

Popular uprising against Chavez

Original text 19:48 – There have been twitter rumors for hours about a popular uprising south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. The military was sent out to confiscate private farms but were stopped by farmers, led by 92-year old Jesus “Chucho” Melean. Later tanks were called for allegedly, but neighbours and students are joining the farmers, and an uprising has been called, according to twitter messages. Follow on twitter, hash tag #SurDelLago

El Peonio, Venezuela, 2010-12-18
El Peonio, Venezuela, 2010-12-18

Update 24:00 – During the evening twitter messages reported that tanks had been called in against the rebelling farmers. There were also reports that the uprising had spread to other cities, at least a half dozen. Furthermore, mass meetings have been called for tomorrow morning, at 8 or 9 AM depending on location. Finally, there was an urgent tweet less than two hours ago that a battle was ongoing at the finca El Peonio, from where the above photo was taken earlier during the day (image source:

Background: DN (Swedish), El Universal (Spanish)

US reaction to Honduran Crisis 2009

The wikileaked daily security briefing from the US Department of State, June 29, 2009, the morning after Honduras’ president Manuel Zelaya had been deposed, reveals that DoS did not label it a coup d’état. On the contrary, the text starts (in paragraph 13) with stating that “Honduran military forces arrested President Manuel Zelaya June 28 according to orders issued by the National Congress and the Supreme Court of Honduras.

Thus, with access to information from the ground in Honduras, USA DoS did not label it a coup. The text continues: “Zelaya was taken to a local air force base and flown to Costa Rica. Emergency Action Committee (EAC) Tegucigalpa subsequently met to discuss the ramifications of the seizure of the president by host-cost country military forces. The RSO noted the general climate in the capital was calm … Later in the day, Congress officially named Roberto Micheletti interim president”. The remainder relates only to the safety of US personnel on the ground.

From this security briefing, classified as SECRET//NOFORN (secret, no foreigners), two things are apparent: First, that the US Department of State did not regard the event as a coup; and second, that there is no indication of US involvement.

In combination with the cable sent by Ambassador Llorens July 23, this cable seems to confirm the suspicions in Honduras that the Department of State and the Embassy were not on the same page. While the DoS clearly seems to regard the change of president as legal, the ambassador clearly did not.

A detailed account of the events of June 28 have recently become available in a 622-page Spanish book by Honduran journalist Armando Cerrato (see Honduras Weekly). Among other things, he details how Zelaya was dressed, and what happened at his arrest, citing eye-witness accounts from the president’s own neighbors.

The very pajamas that Mel Zelaya was NOT wearing when he was flown to Costa Rica.
The very pajamas that Mel Zelaya was NOT wearing when he was flown to Costa Rica.

It turns out that a lot of the “facts” that has stirred the public opinion outside Honduras has been fabrications and propaganda lies. From the pajamas story to the concentration camps, insanely hysterical lies have been spread by Zelaya and his associates. Many of whom are criminals, according to another leaked cable, from the former ambassador – who warned of the power-grab that Zelaya was attempting.

The Truth Commission is still active in Honduras, so these leaked cables may be taken into account in their work to find out what happened. It is getting time to close this chapter. There are lots of facts that are not in dispute.

Nobody disputes that Zelaya was trying to hold a constituting constitutional assembly, nor that such an assembly is unconstitutional in Honduras. The difference is what weight one puts on the fact that it is unconstitutional. Zelaya’s supporters don’t care one bit that it is unconstitutional. His detractors do; they want rule of law.

Nobody disputes that the Supreme Court of Justice had ordered Zelaya to stop his plans. The difference is just that Zelaya’s supporters don’t care what the court says. His detractors do; they want rule of law.

Nobody disputes that Zelaya openly mocked the Supreme Court of Justice, the Election Tribunal, and the National Congress. The difference is just that Zelaya’s supporters don’t care. His detractors do; they want rule of law.

Nobody disputes that it was illegal for the military to send Zelaya in exile, but while Zelaya’s supporters regard that as proof of it being a military coup, his detractors don’t. They agree that it was illegal, but given that Zelaya would be deposed as president anyway by completely legal means, they see it as a justifiable crime to prevent the loss of life (the militaries have already been charged for it, and the court dismissed the charges for exactly that reason).

There is only one thing that speaks for it being a coup, and that is the way in which the president physically was removed from office. Everything else speaks for it being a constitutional succession in defense of an attempted coup by the president himself. So ask yourself, what matters more for justice: appearance, or substance?