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AFP is pro-revolution, anti-democracy

The French news agency AFP, Agence France Press, from whom the Swedish news agency TT, Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, and thus most Swedish media get much of their news from Honduras, is openly biased against democracy, and for a revolutionary overthrowing of the form of government in the Central American country.

This is the only reasonable conclusion from an analysis of their recent reporting. I have previously shown that they are willing to use not just blatant bias, but even lies, to make their case. Today I will present just one example: A report on a meeting in Brazil in which the Honduran revolutionary insurrection movement “Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular” was fishing for international support.

AFP quotes the representative of this movement as saying that they do not recognize the results of the (regular and general) elections in Honduras in November, and that they still insist on overthrowing the form of government in their country. However, unlike me, AFP does this in a positive tone, as if what they are aiming for is legal, democratic, and socially acceptable.

My conclusion of this is that AFP is a branch of Hugo Chávez’s propaganda ministry. You as reader must draw your own conclusions, but with this I hope I have opened your eyes so that you in the future always check where a certain piece of news comes from.