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Zelaya is granted amnesty for political crimes

Honduras congress voted last night to give amnesty to politicians, for the political crimes committed in connection with then president Zelaya’s attempt at overthrowing the form of government. He openly ignored and even ridiculed the other branches of government, until the Supreme Court of Justice issued an arrest order for him, and Congress deposed him […]

Zelaya prepares to leave Honduras

The time is approaching for Zelaya’s departure from Honduras, this time with his tail between his legs. Even as Pepe Lobo will take over as president in less than 15 hours, Zelaya does not dare to face justice. Some hero for the left! Let it be clear that Zelaya was not deposed for switching from […]

Getting the coupster out of Honduras

According to a report in El Heraldo,* the president of the Supreme Court of Honduras, Jorge Rivera, has said that the “salvoconducto” that the new president, Porfirio Lobo, intends to issue to Zelaya on Wednesday, will allow the former coupster to leave the country. However, it will not relieve him of criminal responsibility for the […]

China spreads fake “news” about Honduras

In an article published a few minutes ago, a Chinese outlet is spreading a completely false and misleading story about Honduras (repeated here). The text claims that the Honduran Congress voted to grant amnesty. In fact it did the exact opposite; it tabled the bill until the next session of Congress. On January 25th, those […]

Prosecution not amnesty in Honduras

Update 2010-01-13 16:40 ET: The prosecuted militaries have announced that they will not seek amnesty. They trust in that the court will declare them not guilty, which is more honorable than accepting amnesty. The thousands of people who helped Zelaya carry out the illegal referendum may also face very severe charges under the constitution, since […]

The sensitive issue of amnesty in Honduras

On Monday the National Congress of Honduras will start debating a political amnesty for the events of the recent political crisis which culminated with the deposing of president Manuel Zelaya on 2009-06-28. In the Guaymuras talks, which culminated in a pact signed by both Zelaya and his successor, interim president Roberto Micheletti, the question of […]

Amnesty to be debated in Honduras’ congress

In an article in El Heraldo late last night, it is clarified that the amnesty that I wrote about yesterday would be for the people who took to the streets to protest what they believed was a coup d’état, based on the mistake made by the international community – including the General Assembly of the […]