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Sweden’s Foreign Minister under Scrutiny

Sweden’s right-wing foreign minister Carl Bildt is under scrutiny for his links to the oil company Lundin Petroleum that apparently did business in Sudan when the alleged genocide took place. In a debate article today in the nation’s largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, co-signed by two former foreign ministers, Mr. Bildt is accused of mishandling his job, and of risking to damage Sweden’s reputation in the human rights arena.

Since the prosecutor has started an investigation of Lundin Petroleum for its role in the human rights violations in Sudan, the political opposition of Bildt is urging him to come clean about his role and what he knew, since he was a board member of the company at the time. In Swedish corporate law the board is responsible for staying informed about the activities of the company, but the question is apparently how much the company knew about the human rights situation in Sudan.

The opposition is also accusing Bildt of neglecting his job, of not understanding his role, and of not understanding the importance of diplomacy. As an example they mention that for years Bildt has opted not to deliver the yearly Swedish speech in United Nation’s General Assembly, and that he has ordered the closing of a number of embassies and consulates abroad.