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New Blog Mission, Layout

The new mission of this blog is to debate reforms aimed at increasing democracy under the rule of law in Honduras, and thus raise the standard of living for all in the country.

The idea is to provide a  respectful debate atmosphere, where all relevant arguments based on respect for the rule of law, human rights, and democracy, can be expressed. To avoid the distraction of irrelevant arguments, all blog entries are moderated.

Just as a democratic meeting needs a chairman, this blog will be moderated to facilitate the debate.

Topics that can be covered are problem analyses, reform proposals, factual backgrounds, and debates. Comparisons and facts from outside Honduras, or experience from other countries, may also be relevant.

To mark the change, the blog’s layout has been completely changed, and the name of the blog has also been changed from the founder’s name to the URL.

How to Participate

To comment, just register and post your comment (preferably in the same language as the post).

To post an article, request to be elevated to Contributor (you can write in your comment, “Please make me Contributor”).

You can post in Spanish or English, depending on what is easier for you, and if you are writing primarily for Hondurans, or for friends of Honduras in Europe or North America.

Use Tags in your post. For instance, if your comment is about holding a constituyente, write that word as a tag. That makes it easier to find all related posts.

Background of this blog

Until now this has been a personal blog, set up in early July 2009 to cover the Honduran political crisis. The initial objective was just to post government documents that were not readily available on the internet – or anywhere else – but that I had gotten hold of, and that could help understand what really happened June 28, 2009, in Honduras. It was initially in Swedish. Pretty soon it turned out, though, that the blog was read by Americans and Hondurans, using internet translators, so I decided to write some articles in English directly. By now it is almost exclusively in English, but with linked documents in Spanish.

However, while the interest abroad in Honduras has abated, the domestic tension continues. The White are still calling for rule of law, the Red are still calling for a constituyente and does not recognize the government. As I wrote about the other day, this is precisely the situation that preceded the Civil War in Finland. One has to take this seriously, and try to find common ground for reforms that can prevent an escalation. At the same time, as an insurance, the international public opinion should be kept informed about the true situation in Honduras. The Red side has Chavez’s entire propaganda machinery at their disposal. They totally dominate the news cycle via the global news agencies. It’s a David’s fight against Goliath, and virtually the only tool the White side has, is social media.

This blog is hosted on a server in Sweden. Respect copyrights, don’t post texts by others in your name.