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Ten tenets of Chavizm

Leaked US diplomatic cable, reproduced in its entirety. This was written June 16, 2009, 12 days before the first major setback of Chavizm: The deposing of his Quisling in Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. A student of history may find that most of these tenets are not new by any means. They have been used in the […]

A Totalitarian Christmas Gift: Merry Chavizm!

Venezuelas’ Hugo Chávez gave his subjects a very special gift on the eve of Christmas: A full-blown totalitarian dictatorship. Just like Hitler’s Nazis blindly followed their leader, so did many in Venezuela wish each other Feliz Chavidad (Merry Chavizm) instead of Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas). So many, in fact, that Chavidad was on the twitter […]

Chavizm leder till svält, säger Perus president

Perus president Alan Garcia sa till spanska företagare på besök i Lima att den socialistiska modell som Hugo Chávez förordar, kallad chavismo på spanska, leder till “hunger, arbetslöshet, och att man hamnar på teknoligisk efterkälke”. Länderna runt Peru som har infört chavismen – Venezuela, Ecuador och Bolivia – försöker sprida den även till Peru, sa […]

Saving Honduras’ Democracy

The supporters of the deposed president Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, self-labeled the “resistance,” have now united around a policy of not acknowledging the constitutionally mandated elections on November 29th. Furthermore, they use thugs to disrupt election meetings and to destroy campaign material. Strangely, they only do so for the candidate of Zelaya’s own Liberal party, […]