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The Danger to World Peace

The other day Honduras was readmitted into OAS, after deposed president Manuel Zelaya returned to his homeland on May 28th. The only detail left to be taken care of from the crisis of 2009 is the presentation of the report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, CVR. So is all well now? Hardly.

Hugo Chávez, the guy in Caracas who thinks the Devil is around because he can smell sulfur, not realizing that the stench surely comes from himself, is spending a huge amount of capital and efforts on undermining Honduras’ democracy. He has not given up by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, he is getting active assistance from the diplomats of the present U.S. administration. Whether that is due to stupidity or worse I cannot tell. What I can prognosticate, however, is that American security is heading straight towards Hell – and that includes North American as well as Latin American security.

It is fascinating to see how similar the development now is to that in Europe in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In both the economic and the political spheres. The Great Recession has now turned out to be a double-dip recession, just like the Great Depression was. It was not the first dip that made the late 1929 and early 30’s so horrible, it was the fact that when the recovery was supposed to set in a new, much worse recession hit, fueled I’m sure by bad economic policies, like those that the Republicans want to introduce in U.S.A. today. Austerity measures now will guarantee that this develops into “Great Depression 2.0”.

On the political front the similarity is equally scary. Now as then there is a profound polarization, and the middle is all but absent. There are no grown-ups in the room. The debate belongs to ideologues on both extremes, all of whom seem to believe more in the map than in the reality. Furthermore, just like the 1930’s saw a communist regime in Spain, which with its irresponsible ideological actions was destroying the economy of that country, so does the 2010’s see a communist regime in Venezuela, which with its irresponsible ideological actions is destroying the economy of South Americas arguably richest country (being a major oil producer). We know what happened in Spain; a half-failed military coup led to a cruel civil war in the lead-up to WWII; a battle between communists and fascists.

The Cold War ended around 1990 – or did it? The Bolsheviks are violent, they do not recognize ethical rules and moral restrictions. They consider that the goals justify the means, so in the first Russian Revolution of 1905 they went from house to house and murdered people with whose opinions they did not agree. My grandfather’s family was on their list, but he narrowly survived. In 1917 they succeeded in their revolutionary quest, and started eliminating opponents on a grand scale; first Lenin, then Stalin. Stalin’s strategy was to consolidate the revolution in the Soviet Union first, while Trotsky preferred to first spread it to the rest of the world. Trotsky had to flee the country, and ended up in Mexico where he was murdered by Stalin years later. Nevertheless, he was active in Latin America for a while before being eliminated.

It should come as no surprise, thus, that the Latin American communists apparently are following Trotsky’s strategy, not Stalin’s. Fidel Castro has for half a century worked underground to spread communism in Latin America. One of the earliest targets was Venezuela, for her wealth no doubt. At first they tried military intervention with guerillas. When that failed they tried to infiltrate the military and use that Trojan horse to incapacitate the security forces at the time of popular protests in 1989, against then president Carlos Andres Perez (CAP). They also deployed snipers, armed by Castro, to shoot at the military. The bloodbath became known as the “caracazo”, and Hugo Chávez never fails to blame the slaughter on CAP, even though he was in on the whole plan and knows that the architect was Fidel Castro.

When that also failed, the next attempt was to have Hugo Chávez carry out a military coup in 1992, against CAP. Also that failed, and Chávez went to jail. Unfortunately, he was let free after 2 years and allowed to run for president in 1998, an election that he won – presumably with the help of significant funding from Venezuela’s enemies, a modus operandi that Chávez himself has deployed repeatedly once in power, spending billions on propping up Manchurian candidates in countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. This is the Trotsky plan in full swing: Spread communism to the whole world, by getting access to the resources of a rich state such as Venezuela, and using those resources to subvert democracy in other countries, using the democratic method to gain power, only to immediately dismantle democracy thereafter so that they cement their hold on power.

So is the Cold War over? Yes in the sense that Stalin’s strategy failed. But No in the sense that communism has not been defeated, because Trotsky’s strategy – which survived in Havana, Cuba – has not yet been defeated.

Honduras won a battle against Trotskyism

However, they only won a battle. The war is still going on, and no country has come to the assistance of Honduras. In fact, some of those that ought to have helped Honduras have instead assisted the aggressor, the Trotskyist Republic of Venezuela (Chávez’s name, the “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”, is a misnomer since Bolivar was not a communist).

It is imperative to understand what the weapons are of the Trotskyist approach. Apart from using astronomical amounts of money (stolen from the Venezuelan people) to bribe politicians abroad, and to buy positive publicity, they simultaneously sow mayhem and chaos by actively working to help criminal activities in the target countries. This means facilitating for cocaine smugglers, by not interfering, by providing safe haven, and even by providing military weapons (such as the Swedish anti-tank weapon AT-4). Cuba and Venezuela are criminal enterprises, no less. They are mafia states. They should not be accepted in civilized company, or as we say in Sweden, “in rooms with furniture”.

The worst about this dire development is that there appears to be no awareness among groups that are able to do something about it. Within Honduras there is ample awareness, but the Trotskyists have managed to make the rest of the world isolate Honduras and close their ears to their arguments, thus rendering their warnings unable to reach those who need to hear it. Within Venezuela there is also awareness, but they, too, are being attacked and marginalized with the help of false imprisonment (case in point: Alejandro Peña Esclusa), scare tactics, violence, or propaganda campaigns. Sure, there are people that know what is going on, such as former Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN, Diego Arria, but for some reason media seem to dismiss them. Could it be money? Could it be threats? I don’t know, but we cannot allow ourselves to be scared.

When journalists are murdered their colleagues get the message. “If you write about what he or she wrote about, you die.” So they don’t write about it, they don’t even report what it was that he or she wrote about, because if they do they sign their own death sentence. Communists have long used this method. My own grandfather used to travel around Sweden and tell the truth of what he had witnessed during a visit to the Soviet Union, at the height of the killing of farmers in Ukraine. First they tried to poison him in Moscow, then they made at least 3 attempts on his life in Sweden. Eventually he had to keep silent for the sake of his wife and children. So, argumentum ad bacculum does work. That is how the communists win their arguments. Do you want to live in such a world? And do you really want to fight another war against communism? If you don’t, then don’t yield to those bastards. Stand up for freedom Now, before it is too late. Especially You, president Obama. Especially You. The world economy can’t afford a Republican president after the next election, but if you treat Chávez the way Chamberlain treated Hitler, we surely will have one.

The Communist Sedition in Honduras

Sedition (noun)
1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.

Last year, the elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was deposed after having tried to carry out a coup d’état, a so-called creeping coup, the end result of which would have been to overthrow the form of government. Just as his mentor Hugo Chávez has done in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia, and Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

When the democratic institutions of Honduras foiled the attempted coup d’état by Zelaya, his supporters – led by Chávez – successfully managed to plant their lie in the world media. According to their spin, the democratic institutions were the coupsters, and the coupster was an innocent victim.

Unfortunately, there is still not a single country that has stood up to this atrocious propaganda lie, and declared that they made a mistake; that the real coupster was Manuel Zelaya.

As a result, the forces that are attempting to overthrow the democratic regime in Honduras can use the world’s mistake to their advantage. They claim – wrongly, but who will argue with them when journalists are being murdered? – that the only way to “restore democracy” is to hold a constituting constitutional assembly; in other words, to overthrow the form of government -precisely the attempted act that got Zelaya deposed.

Thus, since the world is failing to recognize their error and support democracy, they are helping the rebels in overthrowing the legitimate, democratic government of a peaceful nation.

As an example of the sedition that is going on, totally unpunished and without much opposing voice, let me quote a countryman of mine who is living in Honduras and who writes for a communist newspaper in Sweden, Dick Emanuelsson: “La primera tarea por supuesto es seguir luchando y resistiendo y combatir los efectos y las consecuencias del golpe de estado. Y la tarea práctica y concreta política es la lucha por una Asamblea Constituyente” (the first task is of course to continue fighting and resisting the effects and consequences of the coup d’état. And the practical and concrete task is the fight for a constituting constitutional assembly).

This is pure demagoguery, of course, since nobody ever expresses what exactly is the reason for changing the constitution, or how their proposal for a constitution would differ from the present one. Furthermore it is sedition, as it amounts to advocating the overthrowing of the form of government. As I have reported on this blog in the past, Emanuelsson has previously advocated the use of force.

Personally I think it is a big mistake by the justice system not to prosecute people who, like Emanuelsson, publicly advocate the overthrowing of the form of government, especially with arms, and even more so when it is a politician who does it since that violates article 239 in the constitution. Hopefully they will react, because if they don’t, then any attempt at stopping it at crunch time will again be labeled a coup d’état. They have to establish an example now.

Too many in Honduras and abroad don’t know that a Constituyente is illegal, unconstitutional, and that it can only come about through violence – as in Bolivia, where a hasty debate in the middle of a 48 hour gun-battle didn’t even cover all aspects before the voted in fear of their lives.

The number one propaganda lie that they are using is that the Constituyente is the only democratic tool available, while in reality the Constituyente is illegal, undemocratic, unconstitutional, and the true objective reasonably cannot be anything else than to introduce dictatorship.

Although the government is doing their best to calm the situation, Honduras continues to be hurt economically by the failure of the international community to correct their initial mistake. Who would invest in a country where a small but violent group is threatening to use arms to overthrow the form of government, and is supported by certain leading politicians – without the justice system interfering?

This group refuses to recognize the government, in an open act of sedition, because they believe that their best chance to get support from the international community is not to recognize the government, not to seek peace, but to seek rebellion. That is why they falsely accuse the government of human rights abuses – it is a deliberate strategy of that group, led by Chávez. But who is telling the world of the suffering of the silent majority under the terror of this extreme leftist group?