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The modern coup d’état: Constituent Assembly

On August 12, 1999, the Constituent Assembly (asamblea nacional constituyente) in Venezuela declared itself above the law, above the constitution, above the parliament, above the president, even above the Supreme Court. They thus broke the constitutional order, which is tantamount to committing a coup d’état. The case went to the Supreme Court, which ruled that […]

Military Coup in Venezuela Oct 7, 2012

What has been called an election victory for Hugo Chávez was in reality a military coup. The opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles, won the election, but the regime activated a military coup with tanks on the streets of all the major cities in Venezuela, while withdrawing the protection from the presidential palace. They then told Capriles, […]

El Golpe de Estado de Chávez 1999

Todo el mundo reconoce que Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías intentó hacer un golpe de estado militar en Venezuela en 1992, pero no es tan bien conocido que llegó a hacer un autogolpe en 1999. Este video muestra claramente como lo hice. ¿Qué significa? Significa que la constitución venezolana de 1961 todavía sigue en vigor, y […]

Chávez consummates coup d’État

The Congress in Venezuela, AN in Spanish, has now installed itself. The opposition got 52% of the votes, the chavistas got 48%. However, the chavistas have got a larger number of congressmen (98 vs. 67) which they used to steamroll the opposition, and accept the unconstitutional legislation passed in the eleventh hour by the lame […]

Coup d’état by Chávez in Venezuela

The opposition to Hugo Chávez is accused him Wednesday of carrying out a coup d’état, due to the package of laws that he is ramming through the lame duck session that ends January 5th next year. The package includes an Enabling Act that makes the next congress mute – something that Hugo himself has made […]

Mob Violence in Nicaragua is a Coup d’État

A violent street mob in Nicaragua is trying to prevent the democratically elected Congress from convening in order to declare an action by the president illegal. The police is not stopping the mob violence. This is the first step towards a coup d’état. The international community must take steps now to stop the erosion of […]

Defending a Coup d’État, Can You?

My argument is based on self defense. Just like we don’t call a person who kills his would-be murderor a murderor, we should not call someone a coupster for using the methods of a coup d’état to foil a coup d’état, in order to save the State in an emergency. A source of confusion, and […]