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Manuel Zelaya was planning election fraud in Honduras

Honduras’s ex president Manuel Zelaya got arrested on the morning of June 28, just before the nationwide poll that he had called for, and the Supreme Court had declared illegal, was to be held. The question was if a referendum should be held on November 29 regarding the establishment of a constituting constitutional assembly–in other words, if the Constitution should be thrown out and a new one written from scratch.

Already hours after Zelaya had been thrown out I heard from informed sources that the result of the poll was predetermined through fraud. I have previously blogged here about proofs found. Now a report has been released from the office of government in Honduras, confirming that the result was manipulated.

Manuel Zelaya holding a copy of Poder Ciudadano
Manuel Zelaya holding a copy of Poder Ciudadano

The head of staff of the president, Javier Valladares, recounts that a number of the periodical Poder Ciudadano (“Citizen Power”) has been found in which one can read that the national poll was a success, and that the yes-alternative won a sweeping victory.

The issue is dated June 29. The poll was planned for June 28, but was never held, since the military, acting on orders from the Supreme Court, seized the poll materials the night before.

PS. Yesterday on Honduras’s independence day the former ambassador of Nicaragua to Chile, Silvio Avilez Gallo, wrote that the world has made a bad judgment between ethics and politics visa-vi Honduras, and that it is time to end the double standard and recognize the legal regime of Honduras.