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The Venezuelan Holodolencia

In Venezuela the regime is executing a deliberate policy of extermination by the denial of access to basic health care and medicines. This leads to a large amount of preventable deaths in many diseases, from tropical fevers leading to death by lack of acetaminophen, to cancer for lack of treatment in the early stages. The deaths are not random but are used as a political tool against dissidents. The regime is also executing a Holodomor, extermination by starvation, but that seems to be less effective, probably because in the tropical climate of Venezuela there can be many harvests a year; unlike Ukraine, where there is only one, and the regime successfully confiscated all seeds during the winter.

I suggest the term “Holodolencia” in analogy with “Holocaust” and “Holodomor”. Holocaust is from Greek and means “all burned”, and Holodomor is from Ukrainian and means “starvation-murder”. The word Holodolencia is created by keeping “holo-” from the previous words for genocide, and adding the Spanish word “dolencia” which means ‘disease,’ ‘illness,’ since the genocide consists of making a not very serious condition lethal by denying basic health care.

The method by which the regime is denying basic health care is as follows: First, declare that health care is a human right that all should have. Second, declare that the government shall be responsible for it, and create a national system but designed to support the regime base only. Third, take control over all imports and manufacturing of supplies to the private clinics, and deny them supplies and medicines so that they gradually stop functioning and have to cease their activities.

At present, the regime is prohibiting the import of medicines, it is actually forcing importers to burn medicines, and it is denying import for humanitarian reasons. Donated medicines that arrive to hospitals are ceased and destroyed. Predictably, the deaths are sky-rocketing. This Holodolencia may be more effective in Venezuela than the simultaneously executed Holodomor.

Holodomor in Venezuela?

Are we facing a Holodomor in Venezuela, genocide by hunger? The food supply is now critical, many are simply unable to find any food whatsoever. However, the regime is not addressing this situation by providing food. Rather, they are militarizing the country, including the shops. Many stores are now completely empty (see video at end). We have seen in recent days lines to grocery stores forming the evening before, and some claim to have stood days in line just to get in, only to find empty shelves. Yesterday a video came out of how a group of young men were arrested within seconds for protesting at a food line, and an elderly man was taken into custody for just wearing a sign with government-critical words.

The behavior of Maduro, a puppet of Castro, suggests that the food shortage is intentional. Everything indicates that they intend to repeat the method that Stalin used in Ukraine to subdue their rebellion in the early 1930’s: Starve them to death.

The regime’s only response so far has been to increase the brutality in the repression against those who protest against the lack of food. Yesterday it was leaked that the military commander of Maduro (and thus Castro), Padrino Lopez, allegedly has given orders to not allow any protest at the food lines, but to disappear those who protest in any way, shape or form against the regime.

Operación Libertad Venezuela (OLV) is making a poll on Facebook right now, and the preliminary results are that about one in three at present is hungry due to the food shortage, and says that there is no food to be found where they live. Almost all the respondents say that they have food for at least 2 days in the house, but that it is hard or impossible to find food to buy.

Holodomor in Venezuela

There can hardly be any doubt: The Venezuelan puppet regime under Maduro is executing a genocide by hunger. For a long time there has been a serious shortage of food, and people are standing in line from one day to the next just to buy a single package of flour. In the past thousands of tons of food have been found rotting in containers in harbors, but that could be due to incompetence or indifference. However, the new revelations leave no room for doubt: Deliberately burying 200 tons of perfectly good food on a confiscated and abandoned farm is a conscious act executed with a purpose. There is only one logical explanation: They want to starve the Venezuelan people to either submission or death.

The confiscated farm where the food was found buried.

In Ukraine about 10 million people were starved to death the winter of 1933. Stalin took their food and forbade them from leaving the area. My grandfather, Knut “Attarparn” Nilsson, was there at the time, invited by Stalin. He realized that there were no farmers on the farms, and suspected that they were all dead. He just didn’t know how. When he returned to Sweden they sent a loaf of bread with him. It was baked on the grains taken from the farmers in Ukraine, and tasted good according to my dad who was a young child at the time, and who for many decades would know nothing about the Holodomor.

Coincidentally, the night before leaving Moscow, the group in which my grandfather was traveling were all invited to a banquet in the Kremlin. My grandfather, who understood Russian after his time in Alaska (although he had never revealed that to the hosts), switched chair with a friend. Half way through the dinner there was a ruckus around his friend, they took him by force to a hospital and flushed his stomach. Naturally one must conclude that they had poisoned the food and when they realized it was the wrong person sitting there, they saved his life. I say this to illustrate how they think and behave. Killing a person to “save the revolution” is admirable for them, but to kill the wrong person is not allowed.

The food was buried at Corozo Pando in central Venezuela.

Not only does Maduro execute verbal violence; not only does he let his cattle shoot at unarmed protesters; but he is clearly a person who stops at nothing to hold on to power, not even genocide by hunger: Holodomor.