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Middle-East Peace for Dummies

It is not making peace that is difficult. It is sustaining the conflict that is the challenge.

Making peace is easy. All you have to do is to base the policy on the universal declaration of human rights, and of civil and political rights. All you have to do is to take the region known in Europe since Herodotus as Palestine, define its inhabitants according to international law, give all those inhabitants but no others citizenship in the state, let them create a modern democratic constitution with full respect for everyones rights, et voilá. It’s that simple. This project we can call “the nation of Jerusalem,” since most if not all the people in Palestine want Jerusalem as the capital of their country.

Sustaining conflict is much harder. To prevent peace and reconciliation from taking hold, hatred must be sown continuously. The method of sustaining the conflict is to paint the “other” people as sub-human, using expressions like “now you see what kind of people we are dealing with, now you see why we have to fire missiles on their buildings and cars, why we have to bulldoze their homes.” The expression “what kind of people” is quite revealing. There is only one kind of people on this planet (since the Neanderthals went extinct; actually they were interbred with modern humans according to the latest research). To say “what kind of people” is a form of Apartheid mentality. We are all equal, we all cry and rejoice at similar things. But those words, “what kind of people,” is a deliberate attempt at making one group see another group as different – in other words, it is racism. In this case, the state of Israel is engaging in racism against the native inhabitants of Palestine.

We have to recognize that this is an asymmetric conflict, with Israel having a vastly superior firepower. It is like tanks against stone-throwing kids. Israel is Goliath, the natives are David. In any strongly asymmetrical conflict we have to demand a much higher standard of behavior from the stronger part. Yet, Israel flouts the propaganda that they are the ones under attack. That is an essential component in maintaining the conflict. Without that lie, the conflict would soon end.

So here is the recipe for peace: Denounce Israel’s racism, Israel’s propaganda, and hold Israel to the same standards as every other nation on Earth.

President Obama, all you have to do to end the conflict and create peace in the Middle East is to treat the Zionist Jews as Humans.

And above all, stop treating them as Gods!

May peace be with Jerusalem.

Israel does not deny stealing organs from Palestinians

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet wrote Monday about how the Israeli defense forces are killing young Palestinian men and then stealing their organs for use in transplantations. The provoked a very strong reaction from the foreign department of Israel in which they condemn the fact that Sweden does not have a media censorship that can prevent the publication of this kind of information, according to DN and SvD today. There is no mentioning, however, about the claims being false. To me, that is the bigger news. The reaction of one who is guilty is commonly to get mad at the accuser, rather than to deny the accusation.

After googling the news for a while I have still not found a single article talking about the need to investigate such a serious allegation. Until Israel can demonstrate that there is no organ-stealing going on, the suspicion will for sure linger. Therefore, my recommendation to Israel is to stop calling for censorship in Sweden, and instead get their own act together with cleaning up in the organ trade business.