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Assange söker asyl i Ecuador

Upp-och-nervända världen. Julian Assange söker asyl i en sydamerikansk diktatur, Ecuador under Correa. Ett land där pressfriheten är obefintlig. Dit flyr “förkämpen för pressfrihet”. Varför? Jo, som det påstås, för att undgå “rättsrötan i Sverige”. Därför att enligt honom är anklagelserna bara en “förevändning” för att kunna olagligen sända honom till USAs “Gulag”. Det hela […]

USA may benefit from Cablegate

The leaking of thousands of diplomatic cables from USA by Wikileaks is of course an embarrassment for USA of giant proportions. However, it may actually benefit the country – especially its diplomatic service. Now that a significant number has been released, we have got a number of revelations. An example: the US ambassador to Honduras, […]

Prosecutor Hint in Assange Case?

The Swedish prosecutor has translated select articles of the Swedish criminal code to English, for the purpose of giving non-Swedish speakers a better idea of what Julian Assange, of Wikileaks fame, is accused of. Specifically, to counter the claims that it is politically motivated, one may assume. The text is linked from this English-language web page, […]

War of the Nerds

We may be witnessing the beginning of a whole new form of civil war, waged in cyberspace, and thus not in any particular country. An appropriate name may be War of the Nerds, since it is being waged in front of the keyboard rather than in the field. The issue is for or against WikiLeaks. […]