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Russia’s global ambitions

Take a good look at the map below. It shows Russia’s existing and planned Navy Bases as of 2008, mapped together with wars and border conflicts in 2015. In 2008 Putin announced plans for navy bases in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela. The first three had to be aborted due to the Arab Spring. Civil […]

Militaries exonerated in Honduras

The military leadership in Honduras was today exonerated by the Supreme Court of Justice, for having allowed the deposed president, Zelaya, to leave the country. Their orders, issued by the same court, had been to arrest him. The chief justice, Rivera, accepted the defense argument that they had acted in a “situation of real danger […]

Honduran Militaries to be Sentenced Tuesday

In the case against the joint chiefs of staff in Honduras for having flown Zelaya to Costa Rica rather than thrown him in jail, a sentence is expected Tuesday January 26. One day before the inauguration of the new president. It is probably on purpose, since the security risks are considered very high on Wednesday, […]

The Honduran military leadership will be prosecuted

The Supreme Court of Justice convened today at 15:00 local time in Tegucigalpa to consider the case brought before it by the Attorney General. They decided to take the case, and appointed the president of the court as the justice to handle the case, according to information that came out a couple of minutes ago. […]

The entire military leadership of Honduras may get arrested

Original post 20:35 ET: Today an arrest order was requested for the entire military leadership in Honduras, including joint chiefs of staff general Romeo Vasquez Velasquez, the head of the air force, Venancio Cervantes, the comander of the navy, Luis Javier Prince, and the head of the army, general Garcia Padgett. As I have reported here […]

Prosecution of Honduran military

On July 3rd, army attorney Col. Inestroza confessed that it was the military top brass themselves who had decided to send ex president Manuel Zelaya to Costa Rica on June 28th, even though they knew it violated the Constitution. Their justification was that it was necessary. He also said that an investigation had been initiated and […]