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Honduras adopts National Plan

The Congress in Honduras this evening adopted a National Plan as their last act before closing the session. Well, almost last. It was a campaign promise of Porfirio Lobo, who won the regular presidential election in November and who will sign the plan after taking office on January 27.

The bill contains a 28 year vision for the country, and a 12 year concrete plan. It includes 4 national objectives: A country without poverty but with social services for all; democratic, safe, and non-violent; productive, with good jobs and a healthy environment; and a modern, transparent, efficient, and competitive state apparatus. The bill is based on 20 years of research and studies, but as a result of Honduras’ political crisis last year, all important sectors of society in short order pulled together to create a long-term plan.

As the saying goes, every crisis brings opportunities, and seldom has Honduras faced an opportunity like this to lift itself by the bootstraps.

As for the very last act, my sources tell me it will be to honor interim president Micheletti, for having successfully shepherded the country through this crisis.