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USA needs OAS more than Honduras does

Honduras president “Pepe” Lobo has gone to great extremes to placate OAS so the country can be allowed back in. In the process he seems to have lost almost all support at home. Already before he was inaugurated he went overseas and signed a paper that said that the deposing of Manuel Zelaya, in an […]

Why the Dems may lose Miami -> Florida -> USA

This year Florida will elect a new senator, in a three-way race between the Democrat Kendrick Meek, the Independent Charlie Crist, and the Republican Marco Rubio. Chances are slim that Meek will win. This is usually attributed to Democratic voters voting for “anybody who can beat Rubio,” but there may be another factor that the […]

Beam me up, there is no intelligent life in USA

The so-called birthers in the US claim that president Barack Obama was not born in USA and thus cannot be president. That’s not what makes me want to be beamed up. It’s the democrat’s response that makes me think there is no intelligent life in USA. The birthers’ argument is that since Obama has not […]

Honduras as Obama’s Czechoslovakia

Today, when interim president Micheletti has decided to step aside and leave the public space for the elected president Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo, it may be appropriate to consider the historical significance of his time at the helm. In 1938, the until then free, sovereign, and independent country of Czechoslovakia was sacrificed on the altar of […]

Obama okayed leftist coup d’état for “peace”

It is easy to understand why the Obama administration was trying to isolate Honduras, by closing diplomatic relations, not letting them explain themselves in the UN, and revoking visas for everyone who knew what had transpired last june 28. It is easy to understand when you learn that the Obama administration had given a green […]

Honduras timeline

This timeline is based on previously published information on this blog, with only some minor new facts taken into account. The tentative chain of events has been recreated by combining pieces of the puzzle from different witnesses and documents. Updated 2009-09-22 08:30 ET. June 24 – President Manuel Zelaya dismisses the head of the armed […]

Honduras election will be recognized

Panama announces that it will recognize the president who is elected on Nov 29 in Honduras, and who takes office of January 27, 2010, provided that the elections are fair and transparent. At the same time, it is announced that the mayors of Guatemala City and San Salvador will be observers during the election. The […]

USA is waging Cold War on Honduras

An editorial in the Washington Post writes about Obama’s decision to pressure Honduras to re-instate Zelaya as president, by cutting aid and visas: “The administration’s action was not without risk. If the Micheletti regime digs in its heels, the result could be the very destabilization that the United States and its moderate allies hope to […]

Lösning möjlig i Honduras

Uppdatering 15:47 ET – Reuters rapporterar att ett nytt brev från USAs utrikesdepartement, skrivet igår men känt först idag, antyder en mjukare hållning från Obama. Brevet säger att USA inte stödjer en viss politiker, utan Honduras demokrati. Reuters skriver också att “Högsta Domstolen beordrade [Zelaya] arresterad och den honduranska kongressen godkände senare hans avsättande.” Även […]