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Israel does not deny stealing organs from Palestinians

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet wrote Monday about how the Israeli defense forces are killing young Palestinian men and then stealing their organs for use in transplantations. The provoked a very strong reaction from the foreign department of Israel in which they condemn the fact that Sweden does not have a media censorship that can prevent the publication of this kind of information, according to DN and SvD today. There is no mentioning, however, about the claims being false. To me, that is the bigger news. The reaction of one who is guilty is commonly to get mad at the accuser, rather than to deny the accusation.

After googling the news for a while I have still not found a single article talking about the need to investigate such a serious allegation. Until Israel can demonstrate that there is no organ-stealing going on, the suspicion will for sure linger. Therefore, my recommendation to Israel is to stop calling for censorship in Sweden, and instead get their own act together with cleaning up in the organ trade business.