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US Ambassador Pressured to Change Honduras Democratic Constitution

According to Honduras minister of the presidency, Rafael Pineda Ponce, the US ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens, put pressure on the country to go ahead with the illegal referendum aiming at an unconstitutional rewriting of the constitution. He did this at a meeting at the US embassy in which Pineda Ponce participated around June 24, a few days before Zelaya was removed from office by order of the Supreme Court for his role in violating the constitution.

Llorens allegedly questioned why they do not agree to changing the constitution, and the Hondurans replied that they are all in favor of improving the constitution, but that it has to be done in the manner prescribed in the constitution itself.

In my opinion, Llorens seems to have been seeking a way out of the crisis by talking to the side that, according to him, appeared to have the less strong argument. However, if he had bothered to read the constitution he would have found that he was wasting his time, and that he would have been much better off trying to dissuade Zelaya from violating the constitution.

Unfortunately, it seems that after 80 days he still has not found the time to read Honduras’ constitution.