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Carta abierta a los venezolanos que aman la libertad

A letter tweeted by Sonia Camacho H but the letter itself is unsigned. It makes the case that Hugo Chavez has stopped following the democratic constitution of Venezuela, why it is no longer an option to wait to the presidential electios in 2012 to replace him. Also, since he violates the constitution, the constitution itself […]

The revolutionary movement in Honduras

Last weekend a group calling itself the popular resistance movement held their second national meeting to discuss their agenda. If this group has a plan that includes an open debate with full right to participation by all citizens of Honduras, then I would applaud that initiative, and encourage the government to support the grassroots initiative. If, on the other hand, their proposal is not made public, and if input from the majority is neither sought nor welcomed, then their plan is nothing more than a partisan special-interest agenda that has almost no chance of succeeding without the use of force.

When will Zelaya’s supporters denounce violence?

Over and over again, media supportive of the self-labeled “resistencia” in Honduras are reporting that they openly confess to being a militant group. For instance, yesterday a Canadian site reported one of the leaders, Rafael Alegria, as saying that their intention is “to convert ourselves into a militant political force which will work toward taking […]

Propaganda-video about Honduras

A propaganda-video against the democratic government of Honduras has been uploaded to the Internet today. A close examination of video footage from the airport July 5 reveals that one of the rioters probably was shooting a pistol near where the young man died.

Möte med “resistencian”

Igår mötte jag för första gången personer som höll på den så kallade resistencian i Honduras. Hade diskussion i enrum med två av dem. Den ene höll med om att Mel Zelaya inte var någon sympatisk person, minst sagt (hustrumisshandel, otrohet, mm). En del av de “fakta” hon grundade sin åsikt på var felaktiga, till […]