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The Communist Sedition in Honduras

Sedition (noun)
1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.

Last year, the elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was deposed after having tried to carry out a coup d’état, a so-called creeping coup, the end result of which would have been to overthrow the form of government. Just as his mentor Hugo Chávez has done in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia, and Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

When the democratic institutions of Honduras foiled the attempted coup d’état by Zelaya, his supporters – led by Chávez – successfully managed to plant their lie in the world media. According to their spin, the democratic institutions were the coupsters, and the coupster was an innocent victim.

Unfortunately, there is still not a single country that has stood up to this atrocious propaganda lie, and declared that they made a mistake; that the real coupster was Manuel Zelaya.

As a result, the forces that are attempting to overthrow the democratic regime in Honduras can use the world’s mistake to their advantage. They claim – wrongly, but who will argue with them when journalists are being murdered? – that the only way to “restore democracy” is to hold a constituting constitutional assembly; in other words, to overthrow the form of government -precisely the attempted act that got Zelaya deposed.

Thus, since the world is failing to recognize their error and support democracy, they are helping the rebels in overthrowing the legitimate, democratic government of a peaceful nation.

As an example of the sedition that is going on, totally unpunished and without much opposing voice, let me quote a countryman of mine who is living in Honduras and who writes for a communist newspaper in Sweden, Dick Emanuelsson: “La primera tarea por supuesto es seguir luchando y resistiendo y combatir los efectos y las consecuencias del golpe de estado. Y la tarea práctica y concreta política es la lucha por una Asamblea Constituyente” (the first task is of course to continue fighting and resisting the effects and consequences of the coup d’état. And the practical and concrete task is the fight for a constituting constitutional assembly).

This is pure demagoguery, of course, since nobody ever expresses what exactly is the reason for changing the constitution, or how their proposal for a constitution would differ from the present one. Furthermore it is sedition, as it amounts to advocating the overthrowing of the form of government. As I have reported on this blog in the past, Emanuelsson has previously advocated the use of force.

Personally I think it is a big mistake by the justice system not to prosecute people who, like Emanuelsson, publicly advocate the overthrowing of the form of government, especially with arms, and even more so when it is a politician who does it since that violates article 239 in the constitution. Hopefully they will react, because if they don’t, then any attempt at stopping it at crunch time will again be labeled a coup d’état. They have to establish an example now.

Too many in Honduras and abroad don’t know that a Constituyente is illegal, unconstitutional, and that it can only come about through violence – as in Bolivia, where a hasty debate in the middle of a 48 hour gun-battle didn’t even cover all aspects before the voted in fear of their lives.

The number one propaganda lie that they are using is that the Constituyente is the only democratic tool available, while in reality the Constituyente is illegal, undemocratic, unconstitutional, and the true objective reasonably cannot be anything else than to introduce dictatorship.

Although the government is doing their best to calm the situation, Honduras continues to be hurt economically by the failure of the international community to correct their initial mistake. Who would invest in a country where a small but violent group is threatening to use arms to overthrow the form of government, and is supported by certain leading politicians – without the justice system interfering?

This group refuses to recognize the government, in an open act of sedition, because they believe that their best chance to get support from the international community is not to recognize the government, not to seek peace, but to seek rebellion. That is why they falsely accuse the government of human rights abuses – it is a deliberate strategy of that group, led by Chávez. But who is telling the world of the suffering of the silent majority under the terror of this extreme leftist group?