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USA may benefit from Cablegate

The leaking of thousands of diplomatic cables from USA by Wikileaks is of course an embarrassment for USA of giant proportions. However, it may actually benefit the country – especially its diplomatic service. Now that a significant number has been released, we have got a number of revelations. An example: the US ambassador to Honduras, […]

Why it was good that Sweden left Honduras

This summer Sweden closed its foreign aid office in Tegucigalpa. It was a move that was decided when Zelaya was president, and motivated by the corruption in his administration, from what I have heard. Although this means the gradual termination of assistance to human rights (including the ombudsman for human rights, who the zelayistas love […]

Sweden’s Foreign Minister under Scrutiny

Sweden’s right-wing foreign minister Carl Bildt is under scrutiny for his links to the oil company Lundin Petroleum that apparently did business in Sudan when the alleged genocide took place. In a debate article today in the nation’s largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, co-signed by two former foreign ministers, Mr. Bildt is accused of mishandling his […]

Why Sweden took side for Zelaya?

Honduras president Manuel Zelaya was executing an autogolpe, a self-coup, and for that he was deposed by the Supreme Court and the Congress. Still Europe sided with Zelaya, not with the institutions charged with preserving democracy in Honduras. To understand why, let’s look at the European Union. Recently the EU (UE in Spanish) has changed […]

Human Rights under Attack in Sweden

Sweden’s largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, which plays a similar role in the Scandinavian country as the New York Times does in USA, has published an article apparently aimed at ostracizing a candidate for parliament. In the article, the candidate for the Center Party (which is politically similar to Wellstone Democrats) is accused of expressing anti-Semitic […]

Bristande fantasi hos Fk och domstol

En dom i Stockholms Tingsrätt har slagit fast att Försäkringskassan gjort rätt då de betalt över 100 tusen kronor i vårdbidrag till mamman, men inte ett öre till pappan, trots att de skilda föräldrarna delar lika på vårdnaden av deras autistiske son och har honom en vecka var. Domaren hänvisade till att lagen säger att […]

EU criticizes the Honduran “resistencia’s” use of violence

The Swedish presidency has issued a statement which criticizes the use of violence by the self-labeled resistance movement in Honduras. It does so in this sentence: “The European Union … calls upon all political groups in Honduras to abstain from acts of violence.” While triggered by a murder of a relative to a journalist, the […]