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Why it was good that Sweden left Honduras

This summer Sweden closed its foreign aid office in Tegucigalpa. It was a move that was decided when Zelaya was president, and motivated by the corruption in his administration, from what I have heard. Although this means the gradual termination of assistance to human rights (including the ombudsman for human rights, who the zelayistas love […]

Brownshirt operation in Tegucigalpa

Update May 21, 2010, 15:23 – A German-Danish revolutionary-romantic, Johannes Wilm, has made a documentary about this attack, called La Joven Revolución Hondureña (The Young Honduran Revolution). The footage follows the organizers before, during, and after the operation. We can see in the video several of the persons involved in destroying the fast food restaurant. […]

Brunskjorteoperation i Tegucigalpa

Under onsdagen upprättade en folkmassa en vägspärr utanför UNAH, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras. En grupp som kallar sig F.R.U., Frente de Reforma Universitaria (Fronten för Universitetsreform) har tagit på sig ansvaret. Enligt polisen slog de sönder fönster och brände en bil, och lät inte oberoende journalister fotografera eller filma dem, utan kallade dem “kuppmakare” […]