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Zelaya’s resignation letter to be examined

After Honduran member of Congress Marcia Villeda was accused by some media of having falsified ex-president Manuel Zelaya’s signature on his resignation letter that was presented to Congress in June, she yesterday went to the Attorney General of Honduras and asked them to investigate forensically if the signature was forged or not, which they agreed to do.

Manuel Zelaya, cheered on by Hugo Chávez, has stated that he didn’t write that letter. However, as I have reported on this blog previously, there is allegedly a person in Tegucigalpa who witnessed his writing and signing of the letter. I don’t know the identity of that person, nor what the media alleged that caused Marcia Villeda to take this step to protect her name, but it would not be far-fetched to assume that she knows the truth about the letter for a fact. As does of course Zelaya, but since he appears to be habitually lying through his teeth lately, his words count for nothing in my opinion.

Having looked closely at a scanned image of the letter, my personal hunch is that he probably did sign it, but with a pen that was running out of ink. Whoever signed it switched pen in the middle of the signature. Chávez purposefully manipulated the scanned image so that only the latter half of the signature is visible, and claimed that there was no similarity at all. Consider this: Would a forger be that careless as to use a bad pen without checking that it works? It implies not doing any practice signatures first. Have you ever heard of anyone forging a signature without practicing?

Marcia Villeda arriving at the prosecutor's office.
Marcia Villeda arriving at the prosecutor's office.